Welcome to a new year at SUIS-Shangyin Campus. This year we have an amazing team of dedicated teachers and support staff to ensure a successful year for all students at Shangyin. In addition, we have a very dedicated PSG (Parent Support Group) which has worked together for three years. They really understand the needs of the school, balanced with the needs of the students and parents.
Our Shangyin Campus continues to see changes and improvements, both to facilities and curriculum. Last year, we implemented an integrated curriculum which comprised the best of the Chinese curriculum with the best of the western curriculum, by adding components of the International Primary Curriculum. We have spent much time training our staff in the best ways to implement these components in an eastern context. We feel we are evolving to be a truly “east meets west” primary school.
The other feature about our school is that it has been a fine arts school for many years. This year, our students will enjoy lessons from both western and eastern music and art teachers. We are looking forward to our musical productions, talent shows and art exhibitions throughout the year.
If you would like to visit our campus and see our unique ways of learning, don’t hesitate to contact our campus admin office.

Spring Shi


Dianne Larcombe