At Shangyin, learning is student-centered. Our curriculum focuses on academic, personal and international learning to develop healthy, well rounded, global citizens. Our core values arethoughtfulness, enquiry, cooperation, communication, respect, adaptability, morality, and resilience. In this‘East meets West’ community, students develop the international mindset that will guide them towards successful futures.


Our school adheres to the second phase of the Shanghai Curriculum Reform while also providing the advantages of an international school system. Through the integration of Chinese and Western curricula, our integrated curriculum plan allows us to provide for children’s overall development and wellbeing. In order to meet the needs of students from many different backgrounds, Shangyin designed a three-part “East meets West‘ curriculum:


Part 1: The Essential Curriculum:

The Essential Curriculum fills all requirements of Shanghai state education standards, providing students with everything they need to become successful Chinese citizens.


Part 2: Enriched Curriculum:

Based on the interests of students, our school has opened more than 40 enriched courses for students to choose from to broaden their educational experiences.


Part 3: Enquiry Curriculum:

In order to cultivate the students’ spirit of inquiry, and innovative ability, Shangyin teachers guide students through a well-rounded series of theme-based units of inquiry. These units of inquiry integrate learning from many disciplines: Science, Music, Art, IT,History, Geography, Physical Education, and more. Through approaching education in this way, students acquirethe knowledge, skills and understanding that will empower them to become life-long learners who are capable of thriving in any society of the future.