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SUIS Shangyin Campus

International Stream


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About SUIS Shangyin Campus

SUIS Shangyin Campus is one of the bilingual schools of Xiehe education, conveniently located in the south of Shanghai, and is a private full-time school fusing the Chinese and Western Education philosophy.

We provide a high level of Integrated Primary Curriculum for 6-12 year-old children. Our education, combining the “East Meets West” approach, through bilingual teaching, makes the students skilled in the use of two languages as well as allowing a sense of Chinese and Western culture.

In addition to the Chinese curriculum, upheld in Chinese and Math, we also introduce the famous Integrated Primary Curriculum, with qualified foreign teachers and outstanding Shanghai teachers cooperating in teaching.

We pride ourselves in our quaint, family-like atmosphere, where all members of the community including students, teachers and parents, are learning, growing and participating in the educational process.


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School Mission

Mission: To concentrate on basic knowledge; To develop potential; To blend Chinese and Western culture; To widen diversity; To study bilingually; To advocate music.

Objectives: We educate our students to develop a national and international mind-set and a sense of responsibility towards society. We nurture them to become global citizens with bilingual ability, solid foundations for life-long learning, independent thinking, bravery for exploration, rich knowledge, and caring hearts.


Unique and Comprehensive Education

Comprehensive capacity improved where east meets west

Small class teaching, focusing on each student

International and multicultural environment

Mother-tongue teaching in both Chinese and English

High-quality musical instruction

Diversified extra-curricular activities


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The Best of Both Worlds

Introduced famous International Primary Pilot Program

Qualified native English-speaking teachers and outstanding Chinese teachers

Solid Chinese and math foundation based on Chinese Curriculum

Modern facilities, beautiful surroundings, and convenient transportation

Healthy meal options and comfortable shuttle bus service


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SUIS Shangyin Campus

International Stream

Xiehe Education Group: junior schools

Other junior schools

Xiehe Education Group: high schools

Other high schools

Universities in English-speaking countries (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc.)



Target students:

Grade1: 6 years old, and kindergarten learning completed

Transferred students: students in G1-G5

Requirement: physical and mental health, proper behavior, and right attitude

Tuition fee: RMB 50,000 per semester


Contact us: (8 am~5 pm, Mon. ~ Fri.)



Address: No. 185 Longming Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

Post code: 201199

Website: www.suis.com.cn

Wechat: xhsyic