Students in Shangyin Campus are required to wearing a uniform every day of the School Week. After much thought, we did this for a number of reasons:

  • We did not want students to focus on how they looked as opposed to how and what they learn at school.
  • The staff at our school felt it was necessary to look the part we act. We consider ourselves an excellent international school and want to look like we are an excellent school.
  • For parents, having a uniform is easier and less costly than buying clothing in department stores.

Students at our school will still have opportunities to have “dress-up” days related to different themes in their study. These are meant to be fun and a chance to participate in building school spirit.

Students will be given a note home the first time they do not wear their uniforms. The second time, parents will be phoned to bring a uniform change to school for their child.
Thank you for understanding and supporting this policy.
If you need to purchase uniform pieces they can be purchased online at
Or visit the SUIS uniform store at Wanyuan Campus. Tel: 021-54292526