Extra- Curricular Activities (Sport, Performance, Academic Clubs)


Extra-Curricular activities at Shang Yin are also learning-focused. We currently offer three types of activities, each culminated by a ‘learning performance’, or activity.

All of these activities extend children beyond normal lesson contact time and serve to make learning more holistic and authentic, while broadening student horizons.


Sports Based Activities


In sports based activities students will be learning different sports. This includes, but is not limited to, learning to work as a team, rules of the game, basic skills needed to successfully play, and so on. Students will be expected to demonstrate their knowledge of the sport through culminating activities such as a sports tournament, game days, and skills testing. Fair play, teamwork, and constant direction will be the expectation.

Performance Based Activities


For performance based activities students will take part in different ‘performing arts’ activities, such as Dramatic Arts, Dance Troupe, or Rock Band. Students will learn different performance skills including – but not limited to – instrumental skills, how to speak or sing clearly to a crowd, dance, music, and/or theater performance, etc. Here too a culminating performance such as a play, rock show, dance performance, or concert will be expected. Students will learn how to work as a group and perform with confidence, skill, and enthusiasm.

Academic Clubs


In academic clubs, students will engage in a variety of extra-curricular academic pursuits (e.g. Science Club, Math Club, etc.) Students will learn how to perfect their skills in these rigorous academic disciplines. Likewise, a culminating activity such as a science fair or a ‘math challenge’ will be offered at the end of the term.