Q1: How many students are there in one class?

A1:  We recommend small class teaching. There are about 25 students in one class.

Q2: How many western teachers? What’s the proportion? How do they manage a class?

A2:  There are more than 20 western teachers in our International Stream. They are about 50%. Each class will have a western teacher and a Chinese teacher. They manage the class together.

Q3: How do students learn English?

A3:  We introduce StoryTown published by Harcourt as our English textbooks. It has interesting contents and is a little bit challenging for students, which will be more helpful in English learning.

Q4: How is Chinese and Math taught?

A4:  Chinese adheres to Shanghai Second Curriculum Reform and is taught by Chinese teachers.

Math is also based on Shanghai Curriculum. and taught bilingually.

Q5: What is the distinguishing feature of the International Stream?

A5:  We provide ECA class (Extra-curriculum Activities) and high-quality music instruction in order to cultivate outstanding students both inside and outside. Students are learning, growing and participating in the educational process.

Besides, if the Japanese student’s English level reaches the average, he/she can apply for our Japanese class from G3.

Q6: What about the ECA class (Extra-curriculum Activities)?

A6:  We have Ball Hockey, Dodgeball, Latin Dance, Yoga, Karate, Paper Cutting, Spanish, Taiji Fan Kung Fu, Volleyball, Soccer, Cooking, Debating, etc.

Q7: Does the school have any fieldtrips?

A7:  Students will have 4 fieldtrips every year, one of which is a volunteer trip.

Q8: What about the Home-School interaction?

A8:  A parent letter will be sent to parents’ email box every week.

A newsletter will be sent to parents’ email box every month. Students and teachers work together on it.

Coffee & Cake Afternoon will be held every month. Parents can meet our principal.

We also have Parent Conference and Open Day.

We’ll invite some parents to participate in our major student activities.

Q9: Do students in the International Stream need to do the registration?

A9:  Yes, all Chinese students need to do it.

Q10: How much is the tuition fee, lunch fee and school bus fee?

A10:  Tuition fee is RMB 50,000/semester and lunch fee 2,500/semester. School bus fee depends on the location and distance.

Q11: How many international students do you have?

A11:  About 40% of our students are international students. They come from more than 20 countries and areas.

Q12: Does Shangyin admit junior and senior high school students?

A12:  No, Shangyin only provides primary program from Grade 1 to Grade 5. Gubei Campus admits junior and senior high school students.

Q13: Does school provide accommodation?

A13:  No, we do not provide accommodation in international stream.

Q14: When does the school begin and finish?

A14:  The school begins at 8:20am and finishes at 3:30pm.

Q15: Do we have Christmas Holiday?

A15: Yes. We have a two-week holiday at Christmas.

Q16: Is there a swimming pool in this campus?

A16: No. But we have a lot of other activities and students enjoy that very much.