A1: SUIS Shangyin has two campuses: Longming Road Campus (No. 185 Longming Road, Minhang District) and Luhao Road Campus(No.310 Luhao Road). The school provides school bus service. Please consult the school bus office for the specific route: 54174257.


A2: No. For Grade 1 of the 2022 academic year, we only offer the upgraded “Integration +” course, collect high-quality resources from the original local and international streams, teach students according to their aptitude, and provide better courses and multiple access to higher education.

Q3: What is the current situation of the teachers?

A3:Over the years, the school has accumulated rich experience in running schools, and has a strong and professional team of Chinese and foreign teachers. Each class is equipped with an Eastern homeroom teacher and a Western homeroom teacher to co-teach and co-lead the children.

Q4: Do you admit students from all districts in Shanghai?


Q5: How about the teaching quality of the school?

A5:Xiehe is the leader of integrated education. The teaching quality of our school is excellent and stable; The results of last year’s high school entrance examination were among the best in nearly 50 middle schools in Minhang District, and the fifth grade was at the leading level in Minhang District in the general examination of the whole district. The school not only pays attention to students’ academic foundation (hard strength), but also pays attention to students’ comprehensive quality and personal education. Through carrying out various activities and project-based learning, the school cultivates students’ personal skills and comprehensively develops students’ “soft power”.

Q6: How are the curricula set up?


SUIS Shangyin advocates holistic education. The core philosophy of the curriculum is to be people-oriented and  future-oriented, integrating East and West, and developing harmoniously.The school curriculum is divided into three major modules: The Essential Curriculum, the Personal Learning Curriculum and the Enriched Curriculum.

The curriculum is bilingual and artistic, bringing together excellent educational resources from East and West to provide students with diversified learning experiences in character development and personality development, potential development and cognitive development, physical and mental development, art and aesthetics, and comprehensive practice. It reflects the characteristics of Chinese and Western integration in Xiehe’s education, while highlighting the characteristics of our campus.

Q7: Does the school provide accommodation?

A7:The school does not recommend accommodation for students who are too young.

Q8: How many students are there in each class?

A8:About 25 students in each class of “Integration +” course.

Q9: What is the tuition fees?

A9:The tuition fee of “Integration +” course is 50000 yuan per semester.

Q10: Are there any restrictions on nationality in enrollment?

A10:There is no restriction on nationality, as long as it meets the registration conditions for compulsory education in Shanghai.

Q11: What is the daily schedule?

A11:The English reading class starts at 8:20 in the morning, ends at 3:40 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and ends at about 4:25 on Tuesday and Thursday.

Q12: What is the pathway of the Shangyin primary graduates?

A12:Shangyin is a nine-year consistency school, which can go straight to middle school after primary school.

Q13: When will the registration begin?

A13:According to the regulations of the higher education department, you will need to visit the “Shanghai compulsory education enrollment system” from May 6th – May 8th to fill in an application. Parents are requested to pay attention to the school’s wechat official account in order to learn about the relevant information in time.

Q14: I still have some questions to ask. Is there any way to communicate with the school?

A14:You can call 54177228 / 64132256 or through wechat “suisshangyin” and add wechat of “Xiehe Shangyin Enrollment Office”, and the admission office will answer your questions.